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In a few days, the month of Speech (Qawl) begins. Perhaps the following compilation (The Month of Speech) would be helpful for personal reflection or readings at the upcoming feast.

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The Word of God hath set the heart of the world afire;
how regrettable if ye fail to be enkindled with its flame!

[Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, page no. 147]


The month of Kalimat (Word) is beginning soon. In the Book of Certitude (§ 104 and 105), we can read the following.

To every discerning and illumined heart it is evident that God, the unknowable Essence, the divine Being, is immensely exalted beyond every human attribute, such as corporeal existence, ascent and descent, egress and regress. … No tie of direct intercourse can possibly bind Him to His creatures. … No sign can indicate His presence or His absence; inasmuch as by a word of His command all that are in heaven and on earth have come to exist, and by His wish, which is the Primal Will itself, all have stepped out of utter nothingness into the realm of being, the world of the visible. Gracious God! How could there be conceived any existing relationship or possible connection between His Word and they that are created of it?

As this is the month of Kalimat (Words), perhaps it is fitting to read and reflect on some passages from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh and `Abdu’l-Bahá on “the Word of God”. For this purpose (or simply as readings at the coming Nineteen Day Feast), you will find some quotes from the Writings of related to excellence below (download in pdf format The Month of Kalimat/Words).

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Some years ago, there was a day long seminar on the Word of God and this is the material for that seminar. The material has a brief description of the talks given but that is not why its interesting. It is also a short compilation on the Word of God covering topics such as the Power of the Word of God and different aspects of how we are to incorporate the Word of God in our lives. I hope it will be of use for your personal deepening purposes. You can find the seminar materials here The Word of God Youth Seminar

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