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Like many other friends, I have tried to study the 29th of December letter. In this process, it has been helpful to structure the content of the letter. However, I noticed that all letters explain extensively “the process of sustainable growth” where clusters are moving along a continuum of stages that are marked by milestones.

If you wish to get a better overview of this “process of sustainable growth”, perhaps the below study guides/aids will be of assistance. This post has one new study guide/aid and also references previously posted material on this topic.

  • A  listing the steps of the “process of sustainable growth” with references to key letters for further explanation and elaboration of each step from different perspectives. The elaborative references are from the 29th of December 2015 letter, the 28th of December 2010 letter, the Ridvan Message of 2010 and Insights from the frontiers of learning.   – Steps of Process of Sustainable Growth

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Perhaps a topical outline of the 29 December letter from the Universal House of Justice might help in its study. If so, here is one (Topical Outline of 29DEC2015 Letter from UHJ)

It is interesting to note that the headings of the letter seem to define or succinctly characterise the essence of the milestones.

1st Milestone: The emergence of a programme of growth

2nd Milestone: Strengthening the pattern of action (Intensive Programme of Growth)

3rd Milestone: Embracing large numbers and managing complexity

If you wish to download a chronological (by paragraphs) outline/summary, please click this link.

If you wish to download a summary/excerpts of past messages regarding achieving the 2nd milestone, please click this link.

You can also download the UHJ Letter dated 29 Dec 2015 with numbered paragraphs.

The features of the new Five Year Plan has been defined by the Universal House of Justice in their letter dated 29th of December 2015 addressed to the Conference of the Continental Board of Counsellors. No doubt, this letter will be intensively studied in the coming months.

Sometimes it might be easier to study such letters if one has an outline that allows one to get a better overview. You can download an outline/study guide for the letter here. Study Guide and Outline of UHJ 29 Dec 2015 Letter

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