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Reading the 28th of December 2010 letter from the Universal House of Justice, one can see that in several places, it refers to the Institute Process in different ways. In some paragraphs it refers to the Institute Process as Educational Process and in other paragraphs it outlines in what way it is transformative. I thought it would be interesting to compile all the parts that refer to the Institute Process in one place. You can find the result of that effort here The Institute Process in 28th December Letter. I hope it can be of aid in your study of the letter.


When I did book 7, my tutor Talieh, showed us that the part with questions are not just to give us repetition and assist in our learning. They also have many interesting aspects, draws our attention to certain aspects of the quotes and so on. With this in mind, here is a detailed outline of book 7 that covers the whole book and not only the first part of the sections. I hope this can be of use for tutors, for those who are reading book 7 and for those who want to hold refresher courses. The outline is here Walking Together on a Path of Service – detailed outline of Book 7

For those who are acquainted with the institute process, know that after completing book 7, one is supposed to start a book 1. How to do this can be quite a challenge, in particular if has absolutely no clue about where to start. Councellor Baatar gave a speech at the Regional Conference in London about the institute process and one part of that speech was about how one can start a study circle. She told it as if it was her own experience (probably it was). I have transcribed that part of the speech and taken the liberty to outline her suggestions as I found it to be very clear, wise and helpful. I hope it can be of help to others as well. Here is the transcript Starting a new study circle by Councellor Baatar.

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