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Like many other friends, I have tried to study the 29th of December letter. In this process, it has been helpful to structure the content of the letter. However, I noticed that all letters explain extensively “the process of sustainable growth” where clusters are moving along a continuum of stages that are marked by milestones.

If you wish to get a better overview of this “process of sustainable growth”, perhaps the below study guides/aids will be of assistance. This post has one new study guide/aid and also references previously posted material on this topic.

  • A  listing the steps of the “process of sustainable growth” with references to key letters for further explanation and elaboration of each step from different perspectives. The elaborative references are from the 29th of December 2015 letter, the 28th of December 2010 letter, the Ridvan Message of 2010 and Insights from the frontiers of learning.   – Steps of Process of Sustainable Growth

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On the 28th of December 2010, the Universal House of Justice issued a letter outlining the course of the World Wide Bahai Community during the coming 5 years. It is 16 pages long and has 44 paragraphs. It is not a simple task to study it. In order to facilitate the study of this letter, here is study aid for those who are interested.

Study Aid for the 28th of December 2010 Letter and the Ridvan Message 2010 is to be found here Five Year Plan 2011 to 2016 Letters Study Aid

Study Aid for only the 28th of December 2010 Letter is to be found here 28 Dec 2010 Letter Study Aid

Study Aid for the 28th of December 2010 Letter and the Ridvan Message 2010 with larger margin at the right hand side of the page for those who like to write notes and so on, is to be found here Five Year Plan 2011 to 2016 Package More margin

I hope you find it useful. A friend sent me another study guide/aid on the 28th of December Letter which you can find here UHJ 2010-12-28 Five Year Plan Counsellors – Study Version. I dont know who the person is but it seems that this guide is taken from this webpage

Good Luck

I did a word frequency analysis on the Ridvan Message 2010 just for fun. Afterwards, I noticed that it gave me a better understanding of the “whole picture” so to say. Looking at what words are used the most, I believe one can get a fair view of what issues the Message is focusing on. There are probably more uses one can derive from word frequency but my limited mind has not come up with any substantial ones. I welcome all suggestions from you.

Excluding all words such as “the”, “as” etc, here is the list of the 25 most frequently used words in the Ridvan Message 2010.

Rank Word No of times
1 community 32
2 cluster/s 30
3 social 29
4 spiritual 26
5 capacity 23
6 friends 20
7 process 18
8 action 17
9 life 17
10 programme 16
11 society 15
12 study 15
13 youth 15
14 junior 14
15 knowledge 14
16 learning 14
17 faith 13
18 believers 11
19 classes 11
20 efforts 11
21 human 11
22 institute 11
23 teaching 11
24 teachings 11
25 activities 10

Every year, the Universal House of Justice sends a Ridvan Message to all the Bahais of the Worlds. We should all read and study this document carefully. Perhaps one should make ones personal or family plan for the year based on the Ridvan Message. The Ridvan Message states what the needs are right now, what we should focus on and where we are headed. It is probably the best basis for consultation for making for example a family plan. In studying the Ridvan Message of this year, I put together this version of the Ridvan Message which includes;

  • Table of Content to the best of my ability
  • A list of the 25 most frequently used words in this Ridvan Message (I think this is an interesting way of study documents, it gives a feeling for what the main “message” is and most likely some other benefits I have not thought of).
  • A heading for each paragraph

I hope it is as useful for you as it has been and continues to be for me.

You can download it here. Ridvan Message 2010 for Study

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