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We are few days away from the beginning of the month of dominion (mulk). Dominion is sovereignty or control over something. Dominion, one of God’s Names, reflects His absolute sovereignty and control over all things. God’s dominion is absolute and undisputable. As it is said “All praise, O my God, be to Thee Who art the Source of all Read the rest of this entry »


The root of the Arabic word for honour (sharaf), when referring to a person, means, “to be raised up”. With this definition in mind, we understand that the honour of man is to attain a lofty station. The Báb says in the Persian Bayan (provisional translation) that “… the honour of the servant consists in affirming the singleness of his Lord, in recognizing Him, in confessing to His justice, in obedience to Him, and in obtaining His good-pleasure.”

Furthermore He says in the same Book, “There is no honour for anyone in the next life unless he has attained to the presence of his Lord and spread abroad his messages and detached himself from all but him, so far as he was able. This is an honour whereon all pride themselves.”

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