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God is the All-Glorious. This is one of the Names of God. `Abdu’l-Bahá clarifies that that “created things can only be known through their attributes and not in their essence, the reality of the Divinity, too, must be unknown with regard to its essence and known only with respect to its attributes”. Although God is unknowable, we can fulfill our purpose of knowing and worshipping God through His Names, perfectly mirrored in His Manifestations. We also know that God, Read the rest of this entry »

The month of Bahá is in a few days. It is interesting to read what the Hand of the Cause A.Q. Faizi writes. “The eager followers of past religions, in their deep desire to witness a flickering of the approaching majestic dawn, found that the new Name of the Great One to come meant “light”, “splendor” and “glory”. Read the rest of this entry »

We are few days away from the beginning of the month of dominion (mulk). Dominion is sovereignty or control over something. Dominion, one of God’s Names, reflects His absolute sovereignty and control over all things. God’s dominion is absolute and undisputable. As it is said “All praise, O my God, be to Thee Who art the Source of all Read the rest of this entry »

Soon the month of “loftiness” begins. The word loftiness indicates elevation of character or spirit, extending high in the air, exalted in rank, dignity, and elevated in style, tone or sentiment. Perhaps we can discern different perspectives of loftiness in our reflections and meditations in this month. This blogpost gives a suggestion of readings for either the spiritual part of the Nineteen Day Feast or for personal reflection on the theme of loftiness during this month. In short, this compilation covers the Loftiness of God, His Word and His Cause, the loftiness of human beings and finally, a few quotations on the Fast as a means of attaining loftiness.

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In a few days, the month of Speech (Qawl) begins. Perhaps the following compilation (The Month of Speech) would be helpful for personal reflection or readings at the upcoming feast.

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