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Tom Price has been travelling in Europe giving his talks at various summer schools on the topic of 12 signs of love. It is a very interesting topic and Tom Price presents it very straightforward, with a good sense of humour and it shows he has given a lot of thought on the topics. Here are some notes from his talks delivered at the Finnish Summer School this year. You can download 12 Signs of Love as pdf.

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The Blessed Beauty was a source of great bounty and mercy for all, but particularly for the poor to whom He gave special attention. Always He bestowed gifts upon the disabled, the orphans and the needy whom He met during His walks in the city.
One of these was a woman of eighty who lived in a deprived area through which Bahá’u’lláh often passed. Each day, as He walked from His house towards the coffee-house of Sar-i-jisr, she would wait for him in the roadway. Bahá’u’lláh was exceedingly kind to her and always asked after her health. Although He would not let her kiss His hands, whenever she wanted to kiss His cheeks, because she was bent with age and short of stature, He would bend down so that she could realize her wish. Often He remarked, ‘Because I love this old woman so much, she also loves Me.’ Throughout His time in Baghdad, He showered her with kindness, and before leaving for Constantinople, He arranged an allowance for her to the end of her days.

From A.A. Furutan, Stories of Bahá’u’lláh, nr. 33

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