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Soon, on 21st of April, Local Spiritual Assemblies are elected or formed in many locations in every corner of our world. Furthermore, in almost all countries, National Conventions will be held between first and twelfth of Ridvan. It might therefore be worthwhile to refresh our understanding on Bahai Elections and National Conventions. A good start would be to re-read the Letter of Universal House of Justice dated 25 March 2007 on the sacredness and uniqueness of Bahai Elections. Next, it might be interesting to take a look at this Compilation on National Bahai Conventions that covers topics such as

  1. Purpose of Conventions
    1. Within the context of Bahai Administration
    2. Function and Purpose of National Conventions
    3. Consultation
    4. Purpose of Consultations at National Conventions
  2. The Institution of the National Spiritual Assembly
  3. Bahai Elections
    1. Nature of Bahai Elections
    2. Preparation for Voting
    3. Mindset when Voting
    4. Qualifications of those to vote for
    5. Changes in Membership
    6. When it is difficult to find suitable candidates
    7. Voting for oneself
  4. The Role of Delegates
  5. The Role of the National Spiritual Assembly

If this proves to be too much, try this Bahai Elections – A Pocket Compilation. Finally, if you are elected to serve the Local or National Spiritual Assembly, it might be worthwhile to read about the Duties of Officers of an Assembly.

Bahai Elections, be it for electing delegates, Local, Regional or National Spiritual Assembly Members, is very different from what is common today in the world. It might be valuable to, in these coming months of elections, have a “pocket compilation” about Bahai Elections.

In this “Bahai Elections – A Pocket Compilation“, there are quotes from the Bahai Writings on the following topics;

Bahai Elections within the Context of Bahai Administration

The Nature of Bahai Elections

Preparation for voting

Mind set when voting

Qualifications of those to vote for

Voting for Institution, not individual

Changes in Membership

When it is Difficult to Find suitable candidates

Voting for Oneself

Here is a brief compilation of the duties of the Officers of Spiritual Assemblies. Its mainly for National Spiritual Assemblies but it is, in my opinion, very valid and valuable for Local Spiritual Assemblies as well. Its just four pages but gives a feeling of what the main responsibilities are. I hope it will be of use for you. You can find the compilation here Duties of Officers of an Assembly.

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