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In a letter from the Universal House of Justice to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors dated 29th of December 2015, the features of the coming Five Year Plan is defined. No doubt, this document will be thoroughly studied in all corners of the world. Download the letter in pdf here: UHJ Letter 29 December 2015 Five Year Plan 2016-2021.

You can also download the UHJ Letter dated 29 Dec 2015 numbered paragraphs.



29 December 2015

To the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors

Dearly loved Friends,

The Plan upon which the Bahá’í world embarked nearly five years ago is in its closing stages; the final tally of its accomplishments grows still, but will soon be sealed. The collective effort it inspired has called for wholehearted reliance on those powers with which a benevolent Lord has endowed His loved ones. Gathered with you at this moment of reflection, we are conscious of a determination among the friends to bring the current Plan to a fitting conclusion, and of an eagerness to advance further along the path that experience has marked out.

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Ridvan of 2016 will conclude the current Five Year Plan and the goal of 5000 programs of growth evaluated. The process of moving clusters along the continuum of development through milestones will continue. This compilation looks the guidance about moving from the first (programs of growth) to the second milestone (intensive programs of growth). It might be helpful to view the excerpts in light of the illustration below. This illustration shows “the two essential movements which continue to propel the process of growth—the steady flow of participants through the sequence of training institute courses and the movement of clusters along a continuum of development” (Ridvan Message 2014).

Two Movements IPG

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Characteristics of Clusters that show Progress  by Mr. Donoval

These are personal notes taken while listening to this talk. They do not reflect the whole talk, may very well include misunderstandings, for sure does not cover all that was said during the talk, conveys the subjects and his reasoning in a much more condense form than the talk itself, and the text is my text reflecting what I understood to have been conveyed.

Mr. Donoval (member of the International Teaching Centre) talked about a few things successful clusters share. In other words, he elaborated on what clusters that have shown progress have in common. These are:

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