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The Universal House of Justice

2 January 2016

To the Bahá’ís of the World

Dearly loved Friends,


We address you these words from the gathering where, for five successive days, the Continental Counsellors have earnestly considered the implications of the next global Plan. Their insightful consultations drew on the impressive body of knowledge about the process of capacity building that is being generated in thousands of clusters worldwide. The numerous accounts that were shared in the course of the Conference attested the creativity, tenacity, and burgeoning abilities of the community of the Greatest Name and, above all, its reliance on the confirmations of the Almighty. There is a growing appreciation among people in all parts of the world of the efficacy of Bahá’u’lláh’s remedy for healing the maladies of society.

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This blog has been up for about three years and it might be time for a list of the most and least viewed posts. Maybe something will catch your attention.

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We study the messages of the Universal House of Justice but how much do we remember? Here is 18 questions with which you can “test” how well you have studied the 28th of December Letter. I would say, any result above 14 would be really good. Here are the questions Study Questions for the 28th of December 2010 letter. Good Luck

Many paragraphs of the 28th of December letter from the Universal House of Justice deals with what the Institutions of the Faith will need to learn and develop over the coming five years. The letter addresses both the appointed and the elected arm. Furthermore, quite many paragraphs deals with what the members of the Institutions need to focus on. You might find it useful, in particular if you are serving on an Institution, to see what lies ahead the coming five years for each Institution. As a study aid to the letter, here is a compilation that focuses on what is written about each Institution. I hope it will be useful. Here is the compilation The Institutions of the Faith in 28th December Letter

Reading the 28th of December 2010 letter from the Universal House of Justice, one can see that in several places, it refers to the Institute Process in different ways. In some paragraphs it refers to the Institute Process as Educational Process and in other paragraphs it outlines in what way it is transformative. I thought it would be interesting to compile all the parts that refer to the Institute Process in one place. You can find the result of that effort here The Institute Process in 28th December Letter. I hope it can be of aid in your study of the letter.

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