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Adib Taherzadeh, in The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh Vol 2 page 14, explains why the Báb revealed Himself as the Manifestation of God at exactly 2 hours and 11 minutes after sunset on the 23rd of May in 1844 to Mulla Husayn. He writes: Read the rest of this entry »

Today, the Baha’i World Centre announced that a collection of images associated with the life and mission of the Báb has been made available on Baha’i Media Bank. This has been done in preparation of the coming bicentenary. Below you will find a few of them.

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Below you will find a fairly comprehensive program for celebrating the Declaration of the Báb. The intention is to provide materials that the friends can use in preparing programs or for personal use when celebrating the Declaration of the Báb. The concept of the program is to start from today and trace it back to that momentous Day. Then the events that transpired in the physical world are described followed by some excerpts on what happens when a Manifestation of God Declares His Mission and God speaks again. Finally the program concludes with the some quotes about the Station of the Báb and what this important Day means in our daily lives today. You can also download Program for the Declaration of the Báb as a pdf.

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Soon we celebrate the Declaration of the Báb. As preparation or as readings, it might be interesting to read some stories about the life of the Báb prior to His Declaration. These stories are from His life as an infant up to His final preparation before His Declaration. These stories are available at the following links.

The Báb as an Infant

The Childhood of the Báb

The Devotional Attitude of the Báb

The Schooling of the Báb

The Báb as a Merchant

Final Preparation of the Báb before His Declaration

Furthermore, perhaps reflecting on the following excerpts from the Writings of the Blessed Beauty, will assist in a worthy celebration of this Holy Day.

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This post, the sixth and final one, is the story of how Khadijih Bagum, the wife of the Báb, became a believer in the Báb. It also tells the story of the Bab preparing Himself for His Declaration. It is not clear exactly when this story took place but it was before the 23rd of May 1844.

During these past days, as preparation for a more spiritual celebration of the Declaration of the Bab, stories from His life prior to the 23rd of May, 1844, has been posted. All the stories posted, are gathered in  Selected Stories from the Life of the Bab prior to His Declaration.

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