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The third edition of the publication named “For the Betterment of the World” was released today. This publication captures an overview of the ongoing process of learning and action within social and economical development. You can get your own copy by downloading Read the rest of this entry »



Ridvan of 2016 will conclude the current Five Year Plan and the goal of 5000 programs of growth evaluated. The process of moving clusters along the continuum of development through milestones will continue. This compilation looks the guidance about moving from the first (programs of growth) to the second milestone (intensive programs of growth). It might be helpful to view the excerpts in light of the illustration below. This illustration shows “the two essential movements which continue to propel the process of growth—the steady flow of participants through the sequence of training institute courses and the movement of clusters along a continuum of development” (Ridvan Message 2014).

Two Movements IPG

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What does a “devotional attitude” mean and what kind of implications does it have in ones practical day-to-day life? What aspects does “devotional attitude” touch upon? Devotional has a facet of meanings such as love and loyalty for a person or a cause, worship or observance and prayer. It seems that all these meanings somehow focus on a focal point, a centre of attention, which is revered and obeyed. Attitude, on the other hand, means “settled way of thinking or feeling about something”. Combining these two definitions, it seems that devotional attitude in the context of a Bahá’í life, would imply incorporating love, loyalty, worship and observance as the way or the mode of operation in our patterns of thinking and feelings about Bahaullah as expressed in our behaviour as we translate that which has been written into reality. Read the rest of this entry »

The Golden Rule, in its simplest form, states that we should treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves and it can be found in the Writings of all religions. Tom Price once said that the golden rule has four flavors.

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Although Bahá’u’lláh  says that He has “made death a messenger of joy“, it is only natural to grieve when one of our loved ones passes away. Knowing the great station of our loved one might help us in our grieving process. Perhaps our sadness is balanced by knowing that our loved one is in a better place. This compilation from the Writings, Station of a True Believer, is on the station of a true believer and hopefully it will bring some relief.

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