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The Khan-i-Avamid in Akka functioned as pilgrim house during the time of Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha. As such, it is of interest for pilgrims. This post (as part of a series of posts on places of interest in the Holy Land) tells the story of the Khan-i-Avamid. The text below can also be downloaded as a pdf (Khan-i-Avamid).
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In beginning of June of 1877, Bahaullah left the Prison City of Akka to live in the Mansion of Mazraih. He was to live in that Mansion for two years. The Mansion of Mazraih is one of the Holy Places, pilgrims have the blessing to visit.  This post includes the story of how it came that Bahaullah moved to the Mansion, stories of events taking place there, recollections of some of the pilgrims who attained the presence of Bahaullah at the Mansion of Mazraih, and a little bit more. To download this compilation in pdf, click Compilation on the Mansion of Mazraih.

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For those who have a pilgrimage coming up, here is a short compilation from the Bahai Writings, focusing more on the sacred experience of pilgrimage.

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