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One of the wisdoms and reasons for the Bahai Fast is to experience the state in which ones beloved is in. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá says;

“For every sincere soul who has a beloved longs to experience that state in which his beloved is. If his beloved is in a state of sorrow, he desires sorrow; if in a state of joy, he desires joy; if in a state of rest, he desires rest; if in a state of trouble, he desires trouble.”

Maybe this story about the Master, while in Akka, will serve to give us a small reminder.

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The Bahá’í Fast begins every year on the 2nd of March. It is indeed an important month in the life of every Bahá’í. If one wants to improve one’s fasting experience, it seems that deepening in the Law of Fasting is essential, not just before the fast but during the fast as well. No doubt, it is a valuable to read about why we fast, with what spirit we should fast, and what benefits there are with fasting, as we fast. As an aid, here is a compilation on the fast which can be downloaded here Compilation on Fasting.

The Bahai Fast will begin very soon. Reflecting on how I can make my fasting period better than last year, I came to realize that I have lacked proper preparation. Furthermore, during the actual fast, I have not read enough about aspects of the law of fasting such as with what spirit one is to fast, what the benefits are and so on. Learning from the past, I put together a compilation for the purposes of preparing, deepening and reminding myself about the Law of Fasting. You can find the compilation here Compilation on Fasting and I hope you will find some use for it as well.

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