There are many good and interesting web pages and blogs about the Bahai Faith. I have not “found” them all, far from it but I recommend the following ones.

If one is seeking introductory texts about the Bahai Faith or if one is interested in knowing what is going on in the Bahai world, the Official Bahai Webpage is a good start.

The National Webpages of the American and British Bahai Communities are also very good.

If one is seeking to read more on the Bahai Perspective on different issues, there are a couple of good blogs.

The Bahai Teachings is really impressive with many contributors, with a wide range of topics covered and insightful posts. Another good blog is The Bahai Blog.

Bahai Reference Library and Interfaith Explorer are useful for reading and searching among the Bahai Writings. 

In addition, Bahai Library Online  has a very large collection of various materials such as study guides, letters, compilations and so on.  The quality varies quite a lot, from very good materials to less good.

Then there are some web pages and blogs that I have found to be both interesting and very informative. They cover a variety of styles and focuses but are, in my opinion, well worth taking a closer look at. Some are updated with some regularity and others are have not been updated in a while.

Agency and Change

Susan Gammage Blog (good source of compilations on personal development and overcoming challenges). This web page is also behind a very good collection of Bahai Stories.


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