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On the afternoon of 31st of August 1868, the Blessed Beauty and His companions arrived to Akka and began their two year long incarceration at the Prison Barracks of Akka. When on pilgrimage, one is taken to the Prison Cell of the Blessed Beauty. These two years were very hard but eventful. In this compilation titled “Incarceration in the Barracks of Akka” the stories of main events that took place in direct connection to the Barracks are told. The contents of this compilation are:

  1. The Arrival of the Blessed Beauty and the other prisoners to the Barracks.
  2. The hardship endured during the first days of incarceration.
  3. Life in the Barracks (the solitude of the prisoners and daily life)
  4. Believers residing in the Holy Land
  5. Some stories of early pilgrims
  6. Tablets revealed in the Barracks
  7. Some stories of events that took place in the Barracks (such as the story of Shaykh Mahmud, Ahmad-i-Jarrah, the miraculous recovery of one of the friends, the transformation of Badi and the Great Sacrifice of the Purest Branch).

Maybe you would like to see the post on the arrival of the exiles to Akka.

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Arial Picture of the Barracks


Every now and then, I read a good non-fiction book. After having read it, I try to present the main points and the reasoning of the author, only to find myself failing. It seems that although  I have read the book, I have not really read or understood it as I should have. In order to remedy this, I experimented with a method. The method is simply to identify key sentences in each chapter or section and then number them. If I am successful in my attempt, I can go back and read those key sentences and get a pretty good repetition of the main points of the chapters. I tried this with the book “Revelation and Social Reality” written by Mr. Paul Lample. It is indeed a really good book about the whole process and relation between the Word of God and transformation of our own selves and our Society. I feel that, having read this book, I have widened my perspectives and increased my understanding of how the process of social transformation can take place. What I did more this time, was to write down all the key sentences and thus creating an outline of the book. One could perhaps say it is also a compilation. The outline cannot replace reading the book but it can, I hope, prove to be a powerful tool in better understanding and remembering what one has read.

Fortunately, this book can be downloaded for free from the publishers webpage – Palabra Publications.

You can find the outline here, Outline of Revelation & Social Reality

Many paragraphs of the 28th of December letter from the Universal House of Justice deals with what the Institutions of the Faith will need to learn and develop over the coming five years. The letter addresses both the appointed and the elected arm. Furthermore, quite many paragraphs deals with what the members of the Institutions need to focus on. You might find it useful, in particular if you are serving on an Institution, to see what lies ahead the coming five years for each Institution. As a study aid to the letter, here is a compilation that focuses on what is written about each Institution. I hope it will be useful. Here is the compilation The Institutions of the Faith in 28th December Letter

Not long ago, I posted an outline of book 7. Here is a detailed outline of book 5. Even though book 5 trains Junior Youth Animators, the two first sections, I believe, are applicable to every human being. There is a lot to learn from this book. As book 5 does not seem to be completely finished yet (its still in pre-publication), this outline might not be completely accurate depending on what draft version one has. I hope however it will be of use to you. Here is the outline Animators of Junior Youth Groups – Book 5 – detailed outline

On the 28th of December 2010, the Universal House of Justice issued a letter outlining the course of the World Wide Bahai Community during the coming 5 years. It is 16 pages long and has 44 paragraphs. It is not a simple task to study it. In order to facilitate the study of this letter, here is study aid for those who are interested.

Study Aid for the 28th of December 2010 Letter and the Ridvan Message 2010 is to be found here Five Year Plan 2011 to 2016 Letters Study Aid

Study Aid for only the 28th of December 2010 Letter is to be found here 28 Dec 2010 Letter Study Aid

Study Aid for the 28th of December 2010 Letter and the Ridvan Message 2010 with larger margin at the right hand side of the page for those who like to write notes and so on, is to be found here Five Year Plan 2011 to 2016 Package More margin

I hope you find it useful. A friend sent me another study guide/aid on the 28th of December Letter which you can find here UHJ 2010-12-28 Five Year Plan Counsellors – Study Version. I dont know who the person is but it seems that this guide is taken from this webpage

Good Luck

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