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I find myself searching in books using Ocean and as one can add own books to be included in the searches, it would be wonderful to have them in electronic version. Naturally, one can also read them on for example Ipod and similar devices. There are some sources for free Bahai e-books and books in pdf format on the internet and here is a list of those I found.

Bahai Reference Library – this page has most of the available Writings of the Faith in electronic version in English, Persian and Arabic. Some other titles are also available such as Nabil’s Narrative.

Bahai Ebooks Publication – A fairly new site that has made available many Writings and some books in epub format and for Kindle.

Palabra Publications – A publishing house from which you can download some of their titles in pdf format.

JuxtaMedia – Publisher of Bahai Inspired materials that has a section for e-books.

The William S. Hatcher Library – An online depository of Dr. Hatchers collected works and his book minimalism – A Bridge between Classical Philosophy and Bahai Revelation, can be downloaded in pdf format from this page.


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