A few years ago, I was on my pilgrimage. During this sacred experience, I had an epiphany. One day as I was looking at the pictures hanging on the walls at the House of Abbud, I felt like I was visiting a museum and I did not like that feeling at all. Pilgrimage is to be a sacred experience, not a visit to a museum. Then moments later, as I passed the room where Some Answered Questions had been revealed, I suddenly felt a different feeling. I felt as If I could visualize the conversations, I could imagine where Younis Khan had sat and my experience became sacred. I realized that knowing more about what events have transpired, what stories took place, what Writings had been revealed at the different Holy Places, was the key for me to have a truly sacred experience and connect personally with the history of my Faith. Therefore, I began making compilations on different Holy Places.

I have already posted some of them, more is to come. They are linked below. Perhaps reading about these compilations will assist you in making your pilgrimage more special.

On Pilgrimage

Compilation on Pilgrimage – A Sacred Experience


During the Time of Bahá’u’lláh

Arrival of the Exiles to Akka

The Incarceration of the Blessed Beauty in the Barracks of Akka

The Great Sacrifice of the Purest Branch

The Story of Badi

House of Udi Khammar (work in progress)

House of Abbud (work in progress)

Mansion of Mazraih

Mansion of Bahji (work in progress)

The Ridvan Garden outside of Akka

Junayn Garden

Khan-i-Avamid – The Pilgrim House in Akka

Bahá’u’lláh’s Visits to Haifa


During the Time of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

House of Abdullah Pasha (work in progress)

The Carriage of the Master (work in progress)

House of the Master in Haifa (work in progress)

The Master’s Car (The Cunningham)


Other Places

Shrine of the Báb (work in progress)

The Pilgrim House in Haifa (work in progress)