In Haifa, in the time of `Abdu’l-Bahá, lived a Christian priest who would, every now and then, bother the friends and not care much for what they had to say. One day, Haji Mirza Heydar Ali became aware of this and went to the priest. Heydar Ali asked the priest what that thing which was hanging from his neck. The priest answered that this is the cross of Christ.

Heydar Ali then commented that Christ had suffered so much when been crucified with His hands and feet nailed to that cross. Then Heydar Ali asked why the priest would wear the cross around his neck considering how much Christ suffered on the cross. Furthermore, why not have something else, something that was of service to Christ instead of the cross. The priest asked, “like what?” Heydar Ali then responded that Christ had a donkey that served Him very well and which Christ liked. Why not wear a pendant of a donkey.

The priest did not appreciate this comment. He became angry and went to Abdul-Baha to complain. Abdul-Baha showed kindness to the priest and told him that he would talk to Heydar Ali. When Haji Mirza Heydar Ali came in the presence of `Abdu’l-Bahá, the Master turned to him and said: “ O sensible man, again you have gone and said sensible things”