This is the seventh post in a series of posts telling the life story of Zaynu’l-Muqarrabín.

Not long after, Jináb-i-Zayn left Baghdad for Isfahan. In Isfahan he met and became friends with Siyyid Muhammad-i-Isfahani (who later became the Antichrist of the Bahá’í Revelation). Jináb-i-Zayn soon noticed that something was not right with Siyyid Muhammad. For instance Siyyid Muhammad would say that sometimes Manifestations of God forget things, are incapable of performing miracles and that he considered himself to be the highest leader second to Azal. It was also clear that he disliked Bahá’u’lláh. However, Siyyid Muhammad soon moved to Baghdad.

Not long after Siyyid Muhammad left Isfahan, Jináb-i-Zayn received a Tablet from Bahá’u’lláh. This Tablet moved Jináb-i-Zayn and he wrote back with some questions. The Blessed Beauty responded to Jináb-i-Zayn’s questions. Upon reading this Tablet, Jináb-i-Zayn understood the Station of the Blessed Beauty and as soon as he heard the news of the Declaration of the Blessed Beauty, he accepted His Claim.

Mirza Heydar-Ali, a friend of Jináb-i-Zayn, tells the following story.

“In Isfahan, I spent most of my time in the presence of Zaynu’l-Muqarrabin. We used to go to distant and desolate places far from the tumult of the towns and villages, just to be together, study the Writings, chant prayers, and discuss the Cause of God. These moments of joy kept us alive, but we longed to teach and make His Name known in any way we could. We tried different methods of approach. We went to an Indian who claimed to have some medical knowledge, and Jináb-i-Zayn opened the discussion by saying,

“I feel a painful sensation in my heart. I know of no physician who can help me.”

“What is the cause?” asked the physician.

Jináb-i-Zayn replied, “A few days ago, I was walking in the street when suddenly I beheld a strange sight. Some people, held captive and helpless in the hands of a savage mob, were being tortured and mercilessly persecuted. I was so disturbed and alarmed that, ever since then, I have felt this pain in my heart.” Then Jináb-i-Zayn went on to tell the Indian doctor about the Revelation of the Bab, His tragic history, and His Writings.”