In a few days, we celebrate Naw-Rúz which is more than the beginning of the Bahai year. It  is one of the Holy Days and will be celebrated befittingly in literally all corners of our planet. If you are looking for quotes, for personal or preparing Naw-Rúz program, about this Holy Day, you can find them  here (compilation on Naw-Rúz).

The Universal House of Justice has issued Naw-Rúz greetings to the friends of Iran. Below you will find excerpts describing the essence of this Holy Day from these letters. It is beautifully expressed and refreshing to read to remind ourselves about this Holy Day. Perhaps you will find them suitable for your Naw-Rúz celebration.

Happy Naw-Rúz


With hearts brimming with love and affection, we send our warmest greetings to you, beloved friends, and to all the noble people of Iran on the occasion of the festival of Naw-Rúz. The month of ‘Alá—the blessed days of the Fast and the grace-filled period of spiritual renewal—has come to an end, the cold and bitter winter has passed, and the month of Bahá—the beginning of the fresh and vivifying season of spring—has arrived. This transformation in the world of nature is a reminder of the coming of the heavenly springtide, a season that began with the dawning of the Cause of the Exalted One, the Forerunner and the Herald of spiritual revival in this radiant age, and the appearance of Bahá’u’lláh, the universal Manifestation of God and the Founder of a new world civilization. Just as the world of nature becomes sweet scented and fragrant through the breezes of spring and barren fields bloom anew and grow verdant, so does the celestial power emanating from the quickening breezes of this divine springtime bestow new life on the world of being and prepare it for wondrous progress, both material and spiritual. The effects of the creative and transformative power of this spiritual spring are far reaching; they portend the coming of age of humanity and lead peoples and nations towards a world characterized by unity in diversity. [Naw-Rúz 2013]


The season of spring is, according to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, an outward symbol of the spiritual springtime. Just as the advent of spring bestows new life and freshness upon the world of nature, so too, in this new age of the spirit, the rays of the divine light shine upon unsullied hearts and heavenly breezes waft over the bower of the inner reality of illumined souls, awakening and enlightening people of discernment and goodwill. Now that you have received an abundant share of the spiritual bounties of the days of the Fast and have been more than ever inebriated with the wine of the love of God, it is our hope that in these blessed days, and in spite of numerous hardships, you will be able to take heart from the message of joy and the sweet savours of hope brought by Naw-Rúz and to obtain renewed strength therefrom. [Naw-Rúz 2012]


It is customary among the nations that a day of general rejoicing be appointed when people come together with joy and gladness and renew the bonds of affection. The day of Naw-Rúz is a reminder of the grandeur and glory of the ancient land of Iran and a symbol of the abiding greatness and distinction of its peoples. This time-honoured tradition is an occasion for all to celebrate and rejoice, to show forth love and kindness, to leave aside rancor and enmity, and to seek inward and outward renewal. From the earliest times, the people of Iran have revered and sanctified this splendid day. The Bahá’ís of the world, too, comprising peoples of every race and origin in over two hundred countries and territories, celebrate this glorious day under the same fair name of “Naw-Rúz” and strive, following the counsels of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, to ensure that the outcome of the day not remain “limited to the fruits of mere pleasure”, but that it herald great undertakings aimed at furthering the common weal. [Naw-Rúz 2011]


This is a happy and joyous season. The fields and meadows are adorned with blossoms, and the air is fragrant with their perfume. In the northern hemisphere, nature stirs with new life, arrayed in spectacular beauty. The world of existence is rejuvenated, and all created things are in a state of motion and change. This is particularly true of the blessed land of Iran—the very envy of paradise—extolled by the beloved Master as a land that “fostereth love”, whose “heavenly meadows teem with sweet herbs and flowers”.

The pure-hearted people of Iran, following a tradition stretching back several thousand years, observe as a national festival this day that marks the commencement of spring. They put aside all grievances from the preceding year and focus their thoughts on loving fellowship. Bahá’ís across the globe, of every nation and ethnicity, likewise celebrate with great jubilation the festival of Naw-Rúz, as explicitly ordained in the Most Holy Book, and regard it as an opportunity to foster friendship and unity among the peoples of the world. [Naw-Rúz 2010]