The features of the new Five Year Plan has been defined by the Universal House of Justice in their letter dated 29th of December 2015 addressed to the Conference of the Continental Board of Counsellors. No doubt, this letter will be intensively studied in the coming months.

Sometimes it might be easier to study such letters if one has an outline that allows one to get a better overview. You can download an outline/study guide for the letter here. Study Guide and Outline of UHJ 29 Dec 2015 Letter

You can also download a pdf file of the letter with numbered paragraphs here. UHJ Letter dated 29 Dec 2015 with paragraph numbers

It is interesting to note the most frequently used words and the most influential words and their context (relation to other words).  It does not add much value in understanding the contents but can sometimes offer some overview of the letter. A tag cloud of the most frequently used words and a visualised analysis of the letter is presented below for those who might find it interesting.


Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.16.54 pm