‘On the first day of Muharram 1309 [7 August 1891], the Blessed Perfection was celebrating the festival. My father was corpulent and suffered from rheumatism. He could not sit on the floor. The Blessed Perfection said: “Bring a chair for the Afnan,” and then: ” Bring chairs for his sons as well,” and so we all were seated on chairs…. The Blessed Perfection, Himself, distributed {baqlava} [a sweetmeat] to the believers present. Then He said:

This is the day on which Hadrat-i-Mubashshir [the Herald] set foot in this world and illumined it with His light. There is every reason for rejoicing….

The next day, the second day of Muharram, was the day of the birth of the Master of Days and of the World of Being [Baha’u’llah]. In the morning, all of the pilgrims and residents were summoned to His blessed Presence. He spoke about the sublimity of His advent, the power of the Most Exalted Pen, the circumstances of His exile, and the arrival at the Most Great Prison. Then He spoke extensively about the aggression and transgressions on the part of the tyrants and divines. He said,

“Nasiri’d-Din Shah and ‘Abdu’l-‘Aziz both transgressed against Us and harmed the body of the Cause of God, but the tyranny of ‘Abdu’l-‘Aziz was by far the more severe, because he banished, without any reason, the Wronged One of the worlds to the Most Great Prison. But, Nasiri’d-Din Shah, because of the ill-advised action of the believers in the early days of the Cause, whenever he stroked his limbs and felt the pellets under his skin, would be roused in anger to commit these harsh deeds and adopt tyrannical measures against the believers, spilling the blood of innocent people. Notwithstanding all these injuries inflicted upon them by the Shah and the Government, the friends do not cease to demonstrate their Faith openly and do not observe caution. You cannot blame them, because two great festivals have been joined into one, auguring a brilliant future.

Then thee Blessed Perfection spoke these two lines [which are by Hafiz]:[41-3]

These times more bitter than venom shall pass away,
And once again, times as sweet as sugar shall come this way.

He then gave us sweetmeats and we left His presence.

From Baha’u’llah, King of Glory by H.M. Balyuzi page 412