On the afternoon of 31st of August 1868, the Blessed Beauty and His companions arrived to Akka and began their two year long incarceration at the Prison Barracks of Akka. When on pilgrimage, one is taken to the Prison Cell of the Blessed Beauty. These two years were very hard but eventful. In this compilation titled “Incarceration in the Barracks of Akka” the stories of main events that took place in direct connection to the Barracks are told. The contents of this compilation are:

  1. The Arrival of the Blessed Beauty and the other prisoners to the Barracks.
  2. The hardship endured during the first days of incarceration.
  3. Life in the Barracks (the solitude of the prisoners and daily life)
  4. Believers residing in the Holy Land
  5. Some stories of early pilgrims
  6. Tablets revealed in the Barracks
  7. Some stories of events that took place in the Barracks (such as the story of Shaykh Mahmud, Ahmad-i-Jarrah, the miraculous recovery of one of the friends, the transformation of Badi and the Great Sacrifice of the Purest Branch).

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Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 21.57.25 pm

Arial Picture of the Barracks