Not long ago, I finished the first unit of book 8. We had a little quiz as social activity to both rehearse what we had studied and to have some fun. So if you are doing or have done the first unit of book 8, you can conclude it with some fun.

The participants can be divided in two or more groups, and then each group chooses a question. If they answer the question correctly, they get the points. The tutor can perhaps keep track of the score and finally the members of the winning group could get a little symbolic prize.

Here is a screen shot of the main page of the categories and degrees of difficulty. You can download the power point presentation here (Book 8 Unit 1 Questions). Once a question has been chosen, it will change colour but remember, after each question, just click next and the answer comes. Then just use the bing triangle in the lower left corner of the slide to get back to the main page with all the categories.

Ruhi Book 8 Unit 1 Questions