When Bahá’u’lláh was exiled to Akka, Azal was sent to Cyprus. Some of Bahá’u’lláhs companies were sent to Cyprus as well. One of them was Mishkín Qalam, known for his excellent calligraphy skills.

During that time in Cyprus, Azal used to engage in frequent correspondence with others at various destinations. He usually put his letters in a basked that he hung from the ceiling of his room. At one time, it had not rained for quite a long time in Cyprus and people were unhappy about this, in particular the farmers.

For some reason, when Mishkín Qalam crossed paths with people in the streets, he would say that the lack of rain was due to Azal sorcery related activities and that all his sorcery papers were in a basket that hung from the ceiling of his room.

This rumour spread and after a while, more and more people started to believe that the reason for lack of rain, was the sorcery performed by Azal. One day, the some people gathered and broke in to Azals house when he was not home, and found the basket. Azal kept his letters and communications with various people in that basked. They took it and burned everything in it.

That night when Mishkín Qalam was told of what had happened, he prostrated himself and prayed to Bahá’u’lláh and said: “O Bahá’u’lláh, what have I done? If it does not rain tomorrow I will be in deep trouble.” Mishkín Qalam supplicated and beseeched the Blessed Beauty for rain.

The very next morning, heavy rain poured down. Mishkín Qalam became so happy that he started to dance.