One of the devoted disciples of the Bab was the Shaykh Hasan-i-Zunuzi who received a promise by the Bab that he would attain the presence of Him Whom God Shall Make Manifest in the city of Karbila (where he lived). Baha’u’llah visited Karbila in 1851, where He met Shaykh Hasan and, as prophesied by the Bab, he intimated to him His exalted station. Nabil-i-A’zam tells the story as recounted to him by Shaykh Hasan.

“Sixteen lunar months, less twenty and two days, had elapsed since the day of the martyrdom of the Báb, when, on the day of Árafih, in the year 1267 A.H., [October 5th of 1851] while I was passing by the gate of the inner courtyard of the shrine of the Imám Husayn, my eyes, for the first time, fell upon Bahá’u’lláh.

What shall I recount regarding the countenance which I beheld! The beauty of that face, those exquisite features which no pen or brush dare describe, His penetrating glance, His kindly face, the majesty of His bearing, the sweetness of His smile, the luxuriance of His jet-black flowing locks, left an indelible impression upon my soul. I was then an old man, bowed with age. How lovingly He advanced towards me! He took me by the hand and, in a tone which at once betrayed power and beauty, addressed me in these words:

‘This very day I have purposed to make you known as a Bábí throughout Karbilá.’

Still holding my hand in His, He continued to converse with me. He walked with me all along the market-street, and in the end He said:

‘Praise be to God that you have remained in Karbilá, and have beheld with your own eyes the countenance of the promised Husayn.’

I recalled instantly the promise which had been given me by the Báb. His words, which I had regarded as referring to a remote future, I had not shared with anyone. These words of Bahá’u’lláh moved me to the depths of my being. I felt impelled to proclaim to a heedless people, at that very moment and with all my soul and power, the advent of the promised Husayn. He bade me, however, repress my feelings and conceal my emotions.

‘Not yet,’ He breathed into my ears; ‘the appointed Hour is approaching. It has not yet struck. Rest assured and be patient.’

From that moment all my sorrows vanished. My soul was flooded with joy. In those days I was so poor that most of the time I hungered for food. I felt so rich, however, that all the treasures of the earth melted away into nothingness when compared with that which I already possessed. ‘Such is the grace of God; to whom He will, He giveth it: He, verily, is of immense bounty.’”

Story is taken from The Dawn-Breakers page 32-33