Tom Price has been travelling in Europe giving his talks at various summer schools on the topic of 12 signs of love. It is a very interesting topic and Tom Price presents it very straightforward, with a good sense of humour and it shows he has given a lot of thought on the topics. Here are some notes from his talks delivered at the Finnish Summer School this year. You can download 12 Signs of Love as pdf.

A disclaimer is in order.

These are personal notes taken while listening to these talks. They do not reflect the whole of the talks, may very well include misunderstandings, for sure does not cover all that was said during the talk, conveys the subjects and the reasoning in a much more condense form than the talks itself, and the text is my text reflecting what I understood to have been conveyed. The notes do not capture some of the stories told; neither do they convey the humor of Tom Price when delivering his talks. So at best these notes are very limited but hopefully helpful in some way.