This post, the forth one, continues the series of stories from the life of the Báb that show signs of His Greatness from early childhood, long before He openly declared His Mission. Here are some stories from when He attended school. Maybe these stories will be conducive to a more spiritual celebration of this Holy Day.

Shaykh Abid, the Báb’s teacher, who became a believer later on, recounts;

“One day,” he related, “I asked the Báb to recite the opening words of the Qur’án: ‘Bismi’lláhi’r-Rahmáni’r-Rahím.’ He hesitated, pleading that unless He were told what these words signified, He would in no wise attempt to pronounce them. I pretended not to know their meaning. ‘I know what these words signify,’ observed my pupil; ‘by your leave, I will explain them.’ He spoke with such knowledge and fluency that I was struck with amazement. He expounded the meaning of ‘Alláh,’ of ‘Rahmán,’ and ‘Rahím,’ in terms such as I had neither read nor heard. The sweetness of His utterance still lingers in my memory.

I felt impelled to take Him back to His uncle and to deliver into his hands the Trust he had committed to my care. I determined to tell him how unworthy I felt to teach so remarkable a child. I found His uncle alone in his office. ‘I have brought Him back to you,’ I said, ‘and commit Him to your vigilant protection. He is not to be treated as a mere child, for in Him I can already discern evidences of that mysterious power which the Revelation of the Sáhibu’z-Zamán alone can reveal. It is incumbent upon you to surround Him with your most loving care. Keep Him in your house, for He, verily, stands in no need of teachers such as I. 

Hájí Mírzá Siyyid ‘Alí sternly rebuked the Báb. ‘Have You forgotten my instructions?’ he said. ‘Have I not already admonished You to follow the example of Your fellow-pupils, to observe silence, and to listen attentively to every word spoken by Your teacher?’ Having obtained His promise to abide faithfully by his instructions, he bade the Báb return to His school. The soul of that child could not, however, be restrained by the stern admonitions of His uncle. No discipline could repress the flow of His intuitive knowledge. Day after day He continued to manifest such remarkable evidences of superhuman wisdom as I am powerless to recount.” (Nabils Narrative)


… Shaykh ‘Abid had a regular class for theological students. On one occasion some of these students posed a question, which after a long period of discussion remained unresolved. Shaykh ‘Abid told them that he would consult some authoritative works that same night and on the morrow present them with the solution. Just then the Báb, who had been listening, spoke and with sound reasoning propounded the answer, which they sought. They were wonder-struck, for they had no recollection of discussing that particular subject within earshot of the Báb, who might then have looked up references in books and memorized them to repeat parrot-wise. Shaykh ‘Abid asked Him where He had gained that knowledge. The boy replied smilingly with a couplet from Hafiz: 

Should the grace of the Holy Spirit once again deign to assist,

Others will also do what Christ could perform.

(H.M. Baluzi, The Báb, Chapter 2)