This post, the second one, continues the series of stories from the life of the Báb that show signs of His Greatness from early childhood, long before He openly declared His Mission. Maybe these stories will be conducive to a more spiritual celebration of this Holy Day.

During the days of the childhood of the Báb, if someone wished their son to be taught by Shaykh Adib at his Quranic school, they had to meet with him in person. Usually, they would ask for a place at the school in person or through someone distinguished. Shaykh Adib was not keen on taking on students of just any person (for instance, he was reluctant to take on students whose parents were shopkeepers as he considered them to be ill mannered) and therefore, a personal meeting or “letter of recommendation” was required. Siyyid Muhammad Rida, father of the Báb, met with Shaykh Adib, whom he knew from before, to enrol the Báb in his Quranic school. During this meeting, he (father of the Báb) recounted some stories from the early years of the Báb’s life that distinguish him.

“After forty years, the Exalted Lord has graced me with a Child who has caused me to wonder over His behavior.” The Shaykh asked him to explain further, but he only replied, “It is hard to say.” [The Shaykh] insisted, to which [the father] offered:

“O venerable Shaykh! Which of His amazing conditions should I recount? Such peculiar characteristics are manifest in Him that the people are astonished. … Were I to recount all that I have observed from the time of His birth until the present, it would make a thick book.”

“At such a [young] age, He tells whether an unborn child is a boy or a girl, for the whole clan. After the birth, it is as He foretold.

“And again, some time ago, together with His maternal uncle, the esteemed Hájí Mírzá Siyyid ‘Alí, we were at the bathhouse of Bazaar Murgh quarter. This Child was sleeping between His uncle and me, when suddenly He rose and stated, ‘The vaulted roof of the Garm-Khánih [steam chamber] of Mírzá Hádí’s bathhouse, which was for women, has just caved in, and five women and one child have been [killed] under the rubble.’ His uncle said to Him, ‘Áqá, please sleep and refrain from saying such things. What manner of talk is this!’ He responded, ‘It is as I said.’ It was not long after that we heard a tumult of voice from the direction of the bathhouse, saying that Mírzá Hádí’s bathhouse was wrecked and a number of women were under the rubble. One person said twenty women [were killed]; another said thirty or forty; but later it was determined that five women and a child had been killed. The truth was just as He had said. (Accounts of Mírzá Habíbu’lláh Afnán)