With the help of my friend, I gathered most the Writings of Bahaullah that is available in English and then made an analysis of which words are most frequently used. This kind of analysis is at best very limited. A very wise man explained to me that even if one finds something interesting, one still needs to read all the text to be able to verify it. This is simply the result of a little too much time on and curiosity. The analysis is not perfect and is not complete. It is however close enough in my opinion. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that some writings will occur twice (such as extracts from Iqan will occur both in the Kitab-i-Iqan and Gleanings). The other is that it’s not all the Writings of Bahaullah. There are many passages from the Writings of Bahaullah that occur in the Writings of Shoghi Effendi and I have not included them in the analysis. However, it should be close enough. From what I understand, if one has a large enough sample, the most frequently used words will be the same even if the number of occurrences of each word might differ slightly. So take it for what it is, just some fun statistics and nothing more.

I have omitted all the words such as “the”, “if”, “and” and so on. However, the analysis has been sensitive to the use of case letters. This is important as “He” is not the same as “he” in the Writings of Bahaullah. Below you will find the top ten most frequently used words and it might not be so surprising to see that most of them refer to God. I have also attached a pdf that ranks the top 50 words here Word Frequency of Bahaullahs Writings

1 God 5548
2 Thy 5357
3 His 3834
4 He 2744
5 O 2456
6 Thou 2050
7 Thee 2041
8 Him 1998
9 I 1953
10 Lord 1858