Every year, the Universal House of Justice sends a Ridvan Message to all the Bahais of the Worlds. We should all read and study this document carefully. Perhaps one should make ones personal or family plan for the year based on the Ridvan Message. The Ridvan Message states what the needs are right now, what we should focus on and where we are headed. It is probably the best basis for consultation for making for example a family plan. In studying the Ridvan Message of this year, I put together this version of the Ridvan Message which includes;

  • Table of Content to the best of my ability
  • A list of the 25 most frequently used words in this Ridvan Message (I think this is an interesting way of study documents, it gives a feeling for what the main “message” is and most likely some other benefits I have not thought of).
  • A heading for each paragraph

I hope it is as useful for you as it has been and continues to be for me.

You can download it here. Ridvan Message 2010 for Study