26 November 2018

To the Bahá’ís of the World

Dearly loved Friends,

In this season, from the Day of the Covenant to the commemoration of the Ascension of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, every Bahá’í heart is stirred by remembrance of Him Who is the Mystery of God, the Centre of Bahá’u’lláh’s impregnable Covenant, Read the rest of this entry »


9 November 2018

To the Bahá’ís of the World

Dearly loved Friends,

As the process of the disintegration of a lamentably defective world order gathers momentum in all parts of the planet, engendering hopelessness, confusion, hostility, and insecurity, the hearts of the friends everywhere must be assured, their eyes clear-sighted, their feet firm, as they work patiently and sacrificially to raise a new order in its stead. The guidance of Bahá’u’lláh is the foundation upon which you build. His instruction is clear: Read the rest of this entry »


24 October 2018

To the Bahá’ís of Iran

The order of the world has been disrupted, and severe and numerous convulsions have shaken its foundation. Conditions worsen daily, confusion and fear have gripped mankind, and the pain and difficulties experienced by the generality of peoples have greatly increased. The destructive forces of materialism dominate both the East and the West and have brought about a quagmire of injustice and prejudice that has sullied and rendered powerless the wings of society, Read the rest of this entry »

This is the second in a series of posts about the life of the Blessed Beauty covering His Life from 1844 until being banished to Iraq in 1852. The concept is to present the Life of Bahá’u’lláh with the aid of images and texts from Bahá’í sources. Perhaps these materials can be of use when preparing presentations about Life of the Blessed Beauty. The materials can also be used for individual deepening in connection with the Twin Holy Day celebrations. The two files together present the Life of Bahá’u’lláh. The first file provides explanations and stories compiled from the Bahá’í Writings and history books while the second contains images.

The Life of Blessed Beauty Part 2 From Babi to Exile

The Life of the Blessed Beauty Part 2 From Babi to Exile Pictures


Recently, 109 previously untranslated passages and Tablets from the Baha’i Writings were published on the new and upgraded Bahai Reference Library website. These 109 items include works from Baha’u’llah and ‘Abdu’l-Baha, now available in both English and Persian original. More is to come. In the coming years, new volumes of Bahai Writings, translated into English, will be published in the Bahai Reference Library website . In addition, the website has received a better design for online reading and a more powerful search functionality. This is absolutely wonderful, thank you.

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